Sunday, 27 July 2014

Nex-G Big Data Analytics - Optimize Your Business Monetization with Hadoop Implementation

bigdata training
Big Data Analytics Training
Big data analytics is an effective business monatization tool to the enterprise. It provides a deep insight to the users and business analysts about huge corporate data.

Big Data is on top priority today among Chief information officers (CIOs) in the companies for predictive analytics, effective operational strategies and reporting. In future Hadoop training would play an important role to maximize business values in the organizations. Geometrically increasing volume of data to the enterprise can be easily handled with the help of Big Data training.

New emerging approaches, and open source framework like Apache Hadoop toolkit, NoSQL databases, HP Vertica, EMC Greenplum and more diverse data analytics and processing tools are available that can be used with advanced technologies to make operational process more efficient in the organizations. Enterprises need to rethink business analytics approaches in both way cultural and technological perspective.

It'wd not be ease for most enterprises to understand and embrace Big Data. Big data combined and make ease complex business analytics. This produce a great insight into customer behavior and volatile market behavior, allowing them to make a faster business decision.

The advent of the web, upcoming technologies, and mobile devices has caused a great change to the nature of data. In corporate field employees must know the power and utilization of big data to maximize business profit. It has a different advantage over traditional data management techniques. The speed at which new data is being created, the need for real time analytics to drive business values from it is increasing. Nex-G Skills is aimed to deliver all-embracing Big data Training program for freshers and industry professionals who are seeking careers in the field of Information Management technology.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Unleash Your Game Development Skills On The World's Hottest Platforms With Nex-G Mobility

Android Game Development
Android Game Development
Nex-G creates a ground up drawing surface and framework for android game developers. Since Android is still growing and vastly-distributed platform it is embraced by all game developers and entrepreneurs.

It's not that game programming needs much effort than other software application development, but it's slightly different to deal with. Android game development has it's own vocab like sprites, world coordinates, pixel-perfect collision detection, frame rates and more. It has it's own paradigm, techniques, and more aspects. Because gaming history has been a great technology driver and coding a game is very intimidating task for beginners, Nex-G Mobility cares and offers helps about writing or developing game software.

Now the scope of smart devices is not limited to sending message or calls, but people are using it for doing mails, check social media status, online shopping, playing games, and more other things. In various trends available in the market android game development is one of top choice for developers and entrepreneurs to monetize it. There are diverse game development and cross platform mobile application tools available in the market which can help you to develop an awesome android app. Here are some important tools listed to make your task ease.


PhoneGap is a notable free and open source framework which allows you to create awesome mobile apps using standardized web APIs for the platform you care about. This is a framework which requires HTML5 & javaScripts and supported platforms are iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more.
Easily create apps using web technologies you're more comfortable with like  HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts.

Adobe AIR:

Adobe AIR is also a software development tool that enables developers to package same code into native apps for Windows, Mac OS, desktop, Android, iPad, and more devices. Coding language for Adobe AIR is ActionScript, JavaScript, and HTML.

Titanium Mobile Environment:

This is an open, extensible development environment for creating beautiful native apps across different mobile devices and OSs including android, iPhone and more. It includes an open source SDK with over 5000 mobile system APIs, a powerful Eclipse-based IDE, Studio, an MVC framework and cloud services for a ready-to-use mobile back-end.

Sencha Touch:

Sencha is a cloud based platform for every screen. Embrace all the power of the cloud with Windows Azure and Sencha Touch Bundle.
Supporting language for Sencha touch is JavaScript & HTML5, and supported platforms are iOS, Android, Windows mobile, and HTML5.


Unity is a superb efficient multiplatform application tool to create great game-play across all the major global platform. With Unity's powerful engine and tools, intuitive workflows and fast iteration, you  have complete control to create and smoothly deploy a game on any screen.
Supporting language for Unity are JavaScript, C#, Boo and platforms are iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Mac, Linux and more.

If you're not familiar with any app development or Android game development training it's not to worrisome about. Hire android developer or search online for reliable software development company in India or it would be good option to choose talented freelancer from trusted resource.