Sunday, 12 October 2014

Nex-G Brings Onsite Satellite Communication & VSAT Training for Professionals

satellite communication training
Satellite Communication Training
Satellite Communication has now become an integral part of the worldwide communication systems. Nex-G announced the availability of its new Satellite Communication Training that brings an accelerated version of its popular classroom-based training and support onsite to customers via a secure remote access connection. Courses are emphasized more on the operations and management of Nex-G Skills' satellite networks. Certified trainer delivers both the classroom and "hands-on" portion of the course to a class size limited to 5 students.

Remote access VSAT & SATCOM courses allow the professionals to visually see the hub configuration and monitor the status during the modified "hands-on" portion of the class. This new offering brings the same level of training to the customer at a reduced cost, saving them money on travel and expenses. Scope of SATCOM Technology is on boom today, it can become a necessary part of organizations & individuals in order to empower more close results.

The entry-level Operation and Maintenance VSAT training courses which are designed for engineers, individuals just entering this career field, or working for the first time with Satellite hardware and software. This entry-level course provides the students with the basic skills necessary to install software applications, operate, manage, and maintain a typical satellite network.

Nex-G Skills' Boot Camp offers in-depth theoretical and operational knowledge of the functionality and additional background knowledge on the subject. How the data carried by communication satellites is used for a wide variety of applications. Television, telephones, computer networks and far more are regularly sent to and from satellites.

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