Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Cloud Computing: Nex-G IT Silver Linings

Cloud Computing Training
Cloud Computing Training
The Cloud Computing industry is experiencing a significant growth period in the world. Cloud computing comes into focus only when you think about what IT always needs: a way to increase capacity or add capabilities of a system without investing in new infrastructure. With the cloud, organizations can streamline their IT resources, offloading much of day-to-day systems and application management.

Technically, cloud computing refers to a productive method of handling lots of computer servers, data storage and networking. More than a decade ago, engineers figured out ways that data and software could be distributed efficiently across several machines and their power pooled for collective use. Industry analysts at Nex-G Skills figure that if largely cloud-based things like big data, mobile apps, and social media are counted, over the next Five years almost 90 percent of new spending on Internet and communications technologies will be on cloud-based technology.

Cloud computing allude to the practice of using a network of remote servers to store, manage and access data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. In a few years, cloud computing has emerged the dominant method of providing computing infrastructure for Internet services.

While most of the original concepts for cloud computing came from the academic research and communities. IT professionals have to work constantly to ensure that their skills are up to date. The key is to understand how cloud can meet the needs of the business and what people, processes, and technologies are necessary to adopt a more agile business model. Nex-G Skills delivers cloud computing training programs to help business and professionals about this new sort of technology.