Thursday, 18 December 2014

The National Big Data Hadoop Workshop in Delhi NCR by Nex-G Skills

bigdata hadoop training
Big Data Workshop in Delhi NCR
Nex-G Skills' Workshop on Big Data will be held on December 21, 2014 in Delhi NCR, India.

The objective of "The Big Data Movement" workshop is to make progress towards development of industry standard application-level benchmarks for evaluating hardware and software systems using Hadoop tools for big data applications.

Why the sudden demand in this sector?
The explosion of large amount of data from various channels, variety, and velocity has given rise to immense potential of finding new and valuable insights in every field of business.

Scope for Data Analysts in India:
It is about identifying the information needs relevant to a business context or to fetch and organize data to address such needs, data professionals are increasingly playing a valuable role. Since India has always been seen as a technology outsourcing hub, so is true, when it comes to analyzing the data using analytics and big data technologies. Companies all around the globe are looking to hire specialists who can do the task. Hence, the scope for data analysts and data scientists is huge.

How can technology make a transformational impact on businesses, society and individuals?
Today’s world (nation, businesses, society, and individuals) is greatly impacted by the technology and the rapid technological changes. It is increasingly being consumed at both the business and individual levels. The same applies to the analytics and big data technologies too. Businesses now realize the endless possibilities that analytics using big data technologies can bring to them. The sophisticated analytics technologies can help businesses make their data more effective for them; enable better decision making through richer and broader data sets; help in narrower segmentation of customer for targeted marketing; and open new business opportunities by developing new and innovative products/services.

What are some of the key sectors where data analysts are needed?
Data analysts, with the right set of skill sets and expertise, are in demand in a wide range of industries where business are realizing the potential of enabling analytics in their organization. Some of the industries are: medical/health-care, manufacturing, finance, retail and e-commerce, IT, etc.

Is the percentage hike in salaries a global phenomenon?
Analytics is one of the fastest growing practice and a great surge in demand has led to rise in rewards for professionals in this field. However, this has attracted hordes of ill-prepared professionals carrying the moniker of data analyst or data scientist which has indeed resulted in some caution by the hiring organizations. Thus the rise is more significant in case of people who have proven skills and credentials.

Do you think it's a good career for women as well?
Anyone with right skills can build a great career in this sector.

One word of advice for those who want to pursue a career as a data analyst?
A good analyst can discover hidden patterns and correlations about an organisation’s customers, processes, etc in order to gain a competitive edge. Analysts often work closely with executives, and collect information from different data sources, organize, and analyze it to enable valuable insights towards solving problems or achieving goals. Thus, anyone planning to pursue a career as a data analyst should build strong analytical and statistical capabilities, a reputation for integrity, an eye for detail, gain knowledge of the industry in which that person is going to work.

To make progress towards a big data standard, the workshop will explore a range of issues including:
  • Data features: New feature sets of data including, high-dimensional data, event-based data, and enormous data sizes.
  • System characteristics: System-level issues including, large-scale and evolving system configurations, shifting loads, and heterogeneous technologies for big data and cloud platforms.
  • Implementation options: Different implementation options such as SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop software ecosystem, and different implementations of HDFS.
  • Smac model: Learn how Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud are reshaping the enterprise.
  • Storing & Processing Big Data using:
  • Hardware options: Evaluation of new options in hardware including different types of HDD, SSD, and main memory, and large-memory systems, and new platform options that include dedicated commodity clusters and cloud platforms.
  • Metrics for efficiency: Measuring the efficiency of the solution, e.g. based on costs of acquisition, ownership, energy and/or other factors, while encouraging innovation and avoiding benchmark escalations that favor large inefficient configuration over small efficient configurations.
  • Evaluation frameworks: Tool chains, suites and frameworks for evaluating big data systems.

Event Details:
Sunday, December 21, 2014 Time: 10am-3pm
For free workshop registration Click Here.

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